Are You Ready for The Festive Poker Party?

The Festive Poker Party-themed poker games are a great way to have a fun and creative party, get your guests excited to gear up and enjoy a few hands at the best poker-themed party you’ve organized so far. The poker themed party is a fun event with exciting games, fun costumes, and unique party decorations. Find out how you can create such a great event yourself with these easy-to-follow tips:

List of Preparations for the Party

Make sure you have everything you need to create the best poker themed party. Impress your guests with a well-organized gathering they’ll remember for years. If you’re planning on getting everything organized for this gathering, here’s a detailed list of things to do that can help you put together a great party:

Choose the Right Color

The theme color for a poker-themed party can be anything similar to the most popular colors red, black and white, which are commonly used in poker. Since this game uses a deck of cards, you can rely on that to color your event. However, don’t hesitate to experiment with other colors and shades depending on preference.

For example, instead of plain red, you can choose a light red and combine it with complementary tones like yellow and orange. Get creative and enjoy the experience until you find the right color that suits your style.

Use the best Decorative Tools – The Festive Poker Party

In addition to choosing colors, you should also consider a poker-themed party decor for the entire venue. Don’t limit your imagination. For example, draw a wall with four cue cards, checkered dragon, spade. Some other potential ideas include:

Set up a photo booth with adorable photo props like the King or Queen

  • More red carpet and corduroy
  • Poker inspired balloons
  • Hang some decorative flags with a picture of the deck
  • Plan lots of casino-inspired games

Spice up your poker-themed party by adding various casino-inspired games. While poker is the main character, you can also consider setting different casino-related challenges to provide a wide variety of options for guests. Some great ideas are: Play some casino games like roulette and poker with real or fake money, depending on your preference

Gather everyone to play bingo – The Festive Poker Party

Create a craft slot machine that everyone can participate in. Do something different by creating a giant version of the domino game. Before you start, try practicing poker by yourself. Think of it as a preparation step before joining the game with everyone at the party.

Try designing a poker themed menu

Take things up a notch by trying out poker-themed food and drink orders to make your party extra delicious. Here are some ideas:

Buffet Party

Let your guests enjoy the best experience by having a buffet ready. Give them different cuisines from around the world along with a few underrated dishes, it will make them feel more happy with lots of delicious treats.

To spice things up, you can even decorate your appetizers and desserts in the shape of casino symbols. On the buffet table, stack the round biscuits designed like poker chips on top of each other like tense poker rounds. Bake cookies and cover them to look like cards like Aces, Bodies, Elders, Dams – players will recognize at a glance. If you’ve already arranged the fruit, make it more interesting by cutting them into deck shapes like cue, checkered, dragonfly, spade.

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Sushi roulette

If you are a lover of Japanese food, you should definitely put sushi roulette at the party. In addition to this being a delicious meal, there is also a fun game that will keep your guests entertained!

Gather guests around the table in front of a large plate of sushi and let them take their first bite. If you’re the ‘lucky’ guest, you’ll get to taste the dreaded hollow bomb sushi laced with spicy mustard! This is where poker skill comes into play, because if you don’t show any reaction, the game is over and someone else could be the next victim.

Desserts – The Festive Poker Party

In addition to putting all the effort into the main dish, you should also consider creating a few poker-themed desserts. Some examples are cookies that look like poker Planet7Casino chips and cupcakes with the card design above. Challenge your creativity and make different dishes that everyone will enjoy.

Cocktail drinks

Complement your food list with great drinks! The poker-themed cocktails, for example, are inspired by various terms used in the game. Check out some cool casino-themed cocktails below:

  • Jackpot : A margarita cocktail consisting of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur
  • High roller : Whipped vodka mixed with cranberry juice
  • Low roller : A low-alcohol mimosa cocktail consisting of orange juice and sparkling wine

All-in : A cocktail called Aunt Roberta, which is the strongest in the world with 100% alcohol and omitted unnecessary ingredients. It blends different spirits such as gin, vodka and absinthe, creating an explosion of flavors in the drinker’s mouth.

Wild Card : A kamikaze with a mixture of vodka, lime juice and orange liqueur with an ice cube

Design Inspirational Invitations – The Festive Poker Party

Unleash your creativity and entice guests to your event by designing attractive invitations. Luckily, you can find hundreds of poker-themed invitation ideas online. Some sample interfaces that you can consider are:

The invitation is about the same size as the card on the front, all the details of the event on the back

Poker chip inspired invitation with round shape

A simple invitation with a picture of the poker game is on the right side, while important information is listed on the left.

Prepare Gifts for the Party

Make your poker night memorable for everyone by preparing unique giveaways. You can design your own or get help from a professional, whichever makes you more comfortable. With these, guests will have something to remind them of the fun night gone by. Some creative ideas include:

Dice Box: The square box is designed like a dice with a white background and black dots. It also has small gifts inside, as a gift for your guests

Deck : Inspired by decks of cards, guests can take polaroid pictures and put them inside a small box

Money Bag : A canvas drawstring bag with a large dollar sign as the logo. However, you can also consider changing it to card symbols such as chess or chess

Poker Bracelet : A simple black and white bracelet with various poker related motifs embellished on it, such as chips and cards

Try on Different Poker Themed Outfits

Wear your best outfit to a poker-themed party! Whether you’re a host or a guest, dressing perfectly will always make a good impression. Here are some outfits to try on:


Skip the regular outfits and try on a cowboy-inspired set for your next poker-themed party. As its name suggests, it is a combination of many different styles and colors but still works well together. For example, you can wear a dress but tuck some pants underneath. While it’s an unexpected combination, it’s a great way to challenge yourself and do something outside of your usual comfort zone.

Dress – The Festive Poker Party

Show off the royal vibe by wearing a dress like the Red Queen from the hit movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’. She is known to wear a bright red evening gown, making herself stand out from the rest. It’s an iconic look, perfect for a poker-themed party.

Old Bich

As the card of Dam Co, Gia Bich is a great outfit idea for men going to a party with their lover: a black vest with a pyramid design as the symbol on the outerwear and pants.

Joker and Ace

Go beyond the box with a look inspired by the villains: Joker and Aces. As the name suggests, this costume is based on the Joker, who has been dubbed one of DC Comics’ hottest villains. He wears his hair green and wears a multicolored suit with makeup inspired by a party clown. Try to dress like that and add different tattoos of the Ace symbol all over the body. This is the right choice for parties, especially Halloween.

Examples of casino-inspired parties

Still not enough for your poker themed party? Let’s explore some more casino-inspired themes suitable for both small and large gatherings:

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Masquerade Ball – The Festive Poker Party

Create a mysterious yet fun event by having a masquerade party! This is a formal event that requires everyone to wear suits and gowns and hide their identities by using masks. A great theme for those who want to hold a private gathering inside a venue that looks similar to a real casino.

Take the theme from the movies

If you are a fan of casino movies, try using your favorite movie as the theme for the whole party. Some examples include Casino (1995), Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and Casino Royale (2006). Decorating the entire place inspired by movie scenes will make you feel like the main character. You can also add some casino related decorations and games to make things even more interesting.

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