The Technology Behind Live Casino Games

If you like online casino games, Live Casino Games you’ve probably already heard. That you can play your favorite casino games live online. Even if you haven’t tried it yourself yet! This type of online gaming experience combines the simplicity of playing in virtual casinos with the sensations and excitement of a physical casino, because the game is run by a dealer who is live in a studio or in a real casino.

There are titles to choose from, but how do these live games work and what technology makes them possible? Go behind the scenes of it all in this article.


New technologies and faster internet connections have made it easier than ever to stream these types of games! Even if the logistics of the games themselves are handled by skilled dealers. There are several technological aspects involved in making. The game possible. Read on to know more about them.


The most important element of the montage are the cameras of the studio or the casino from. Which the game is broadcast. Depending on the game in question. There may be multiple cameras covering different angles. They are designed to capture high-resolution images and broadcast. Them flawlessly live, using the latest and best imaging technology available. It is worth mentioning that, as far as you are concerned. you must have a computer. That supports such live game streaming and have a fast enough Internet connection to enjoy a game without delays or interruptions.


It’s one thing to effectively capture everything that’s happening on. The table and another to properly transfer and share all that information on screen. Thanks to the ROC, you will be able to see exactly. What cards have been dealt or what numbers have been drawn, since everything that happens is scan and encrypted as data. That is then shared on the screen in real time!

For example, if you play live blackjack , the cards that have been dealt will be presented to you on the screen so you don’t need to see them on the table.

The Technology Behind Live Casino Games  Slot Cash Reviews


The UCJ works together with the ROC to codify, process and share the data generated by the game. This is a crucial element for game developers. Without it it would not be possible to offer live casino services !

Although the UCJ is only the size of a shoebox, it is an essential hardware component of the technological set-up involve in these types of games. Of course, it is connect to the complete infrastructure of a support server that guarantees uninterrupted service and efficient storage of all games.


Together with the cameras, ROC technology and the UCJ, the monitors allow the dealer to stay on top of everything that is happening in the game and in the chat. These monitors are strategically placed to give the impression that the dealer is looking you directly in the eye, which is an important aspect. However, in reality, he is attentive to what is being shown on the screen. It’s the best way to stay connected to everyone in the game at the same time.


The ROC and UCJ often work together to process and share information on the screen in certain games. But in some others, like live roulette , the roulette itself can also be design to share data directly with the UCJ.

Automate and digitize casino equipment can be part of this scheme, which, for example, sends data about the number on which the ball has landed. In other words. The recognition technology is built in so you don’t have to rely on a camera to display. That kind of information, although many players may appreciate being able to see. The ball land on the correct number on the roulette wheel.


We have already discussed various hardware items related to live gaming. In addition to them, game developers also need software capable of making games run as smoothly as possible and working in perfect harmony with those hardware components.

One of the most important aspects in that sense is to offer a simple and intuitive user interface. Its specific design depends on the game and its characteristics and can even include consoles with extra features.

As for another aspect of the user experience, developers must also ensure. That there are no latency issues or excessive delays, something. That is determine by the speed at which data packets are share. Nobody likes a bad connection to cut them off!

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With all the hardware and software components we’ve talked about, you may be wondering where those games physically take place. Although it is possible to record live casino games in a real casino space. Most developers choose to do it in an independent studio.

In addition to the studio itself where the dealers are record. The necessary facilities include a room for the server and software and another for an “analyst”. Analysts constantly monitor the game to make sure it meets all. The rules and runs smoothly.

Another of his key tasks is to keep abreast of chat messages and ensure. That any issues that may arise, sometimes involving some type of dispute, are resolve.

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