The 10 things you should not do when playing blackjack at a casino table

Casino table games are played for fun, but sometimes. An annoying player or dealer can ruin blackjack at a casino table the game and fun for all players. We have compiled a list of ten things you should never do. When playing blackjack to avoid spoiling. The good mood at the table, neither for you nor for the others. The list starts at number 10. Which is the least bad habitat the blackjack tables and ends at number 1, the worst habit:

10) Do not touch the chips you have bet after the cards have been dealt

You may have the best of intentions, for example seeing. That the chips you have bet have formed a tower that is about to fall. But your intentions will not prevent your move from appearing strange and annoying. Everyone will think you want to steal. Either add chips if you have a good hand, or remove chips if you have a bad hand.

9) Do not forget to use gestures

Casinos are usually noisy and it makes sense that the dealer may not always be able to hear. What you are saying. And it’s not just the dealer. It’s the casino surveillance cameras, which are especially useful. When there is some controversy in the blackjack game . If you want another card, show it with your fingers. If you do not want to move your palm. Parallel to the table and if you want to split, drag the chips of the new bet next to the old ones.

The 10 things you should not do when playing blackjack at a casino table

8) Do not buy insurance

It may not be directly related to table behavior, but it is a wrong game, so add to. The rules of blackjack table behavior (21) not to buy the security offered by the dealer when he shows an ace.

7) Do not tell other players how to play – Blackjack at a casino table

A few things, six to be exact, are more annoying than that. No matter how good a blackjack player you are and no matter how irrelevant the other players at the table are, hold back and do not tell them how to play if they do not ask you. You delay the game, confuse the player trying to decide and irritate all the players at the table who will consider you smart.

6) Do not get drunk when playing

Ordering drinks during the game may not be so good, but it is even worse to get drunk while you continue to play. Drunk players are not the best players, as they forget all the meaning of strategy, but they also play slower by delaying the game and catching irrelevant conversations with the other players. A drunk player at a blackjack table (21) is capable of destroying the mood of all players.

5) Do not touch the papers – Blackjack at a casino table

Most casinos on blackjack tables do not allow players to touch the cards. Do not try to bring them closer to you or straighten them. Generally do not touch them, other players and casino people will think you are trying to steal.

4) Do not forget the basic strategy of blackjack

If you do not know the basic rules of blackjack strategy, read them online or get a book and read it. By knowing only the basic rules you can reduce the casino advantage to less than one percent. Knowing the basic strategy is not only good for you, but also for the other players at your table, because no one wants to see another player next to them play badly. Basic rules 21.

3) Do not blame other players – Blackjack at a casino table

How many times has the previous player drawn a card that you wanted? You do not want to be frustrated if you can not get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The reality is that the other players do not affect your chances of winning because just as the previous player drew a card he did to you, he could have drawn another card that he would not have done to you and saved you. Blaming other players for spoiling your hand is the best way to spoil the good mood at the table. All this, of course, since the rules for blackjack are followed in the game, otherwise, of course, the dealer will intervene to impose order in the game.

2) Do not attack other players

Even worse than blaming the other players is cursing and screaming at them. Sounds incredible, but it always happens at blackjack tables in all casinos, some players get out of control and behave rudely to other players at their table. Do not think at all that the game of others affects your luck, because it does not affect it. Concentrate on having fun.

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1) Do not ignore the dealer – Blackjack at a casino table

The dealer’s job even in live casinos, is to ensure. That all players have fun in the game and that they follow. The rules for it and you have to be very careful. If you see a pause after your decision, think that maybe this is his way of telling you. That maybe you need to reconsider your decision. Not because he knows what the next paper is, but because he knows. The basic strategy rules very, very well.

So if you pay attention to it and understand something like. That, you should also recall the basic rules to see if you are doing the right thing. Dealers can help you in various difficult decisions and if you pay attention to it and put. It in the conversation. That takes place at the table, then the game becomes much more fun. And do not forget to leave him a tip if your luck smiles.

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