How Does The Roulette Jackpot Work?

Roulette Jackpot Work Virtually all casino players share the same dream: to win a jackpot. Surely you have heard of this term on more than one occasion. But do you really know what it is? This kind of jackpot is one of the great claims that online casinos have. For this reason, at iJuego we are going to tell you how the roulette jackpot works and what you must do to get it.

What is the jackpot?

Jackpot refers to the largest jackpot in a casino . When we talk about a jackpot, both in roulette and in any other game of chance, we are referring to an accumulated jackpot. It is a kind of fund where all the bets or a percentage of them will stop. This prize, which can be very generous, will end up in the hands of a single user.

The prize always increases from a minimum amount and reaches very high figures. Of course, practically everything depends on a matter of luck and chance, so it is best not to obsess.

How Does The Roulette Jackpot Work?

How the roulette jackpot works

Playing the roulette jackpot is not very different from what you usually do when you enter any other modality. These are the fundamental steps you must follow to win a jackpot.

Choose the number you want to bet on: bet on the number LeoVegas where you think the ball will stop.

Set the amount you want to play: keep your chances in mind at all times.

Let the roulette spin!: all you have to do is wait and see if you have been lucky or not.

The difference of jackpot roulette with respect to other roulettes is that the prize that awaits you is much higher thanks to that accumulation of percentages of the bets that we have already talked about.

Tricks to win the jackpot

 There is no infallible trick to win an online casino jackpot, but there are a series of strategies that increase your chances of winning the coveted prize. We tell you what they are:

Bet the maximum amount: You most likely cannot win the jackpot with a low bet, so go for the maximum bet as it will give you a better chance of winning the prize.

Take advantage of the bonuses that online casinos give to practice and try new slot machines.

Opt for progressive jackpot slots: Progressive jackpot slots are those where the prize pool accumulates without limit. This increases as the players participate. Normally, the amount of the jackpot increases as players make use of it. The more people play, the bigger the jackpot will be.

How Does The Roulette Jackpot Work?

The progressive jackpot

The jackpot keeps getting bigger as the money accumulates until a single player takes it all. With each bet, a percentage goes to the common pot and a prize that can even be a millionaire is generated. But if you want to play jackpot, forget about traditional casinos. It is in online casinos where this modality has been installed. Online roulette offers a much higher chance of winning a big prize.

Bets on Roulette – Roulette Jackpot Work

To win the jackpot you have to bet and guess where the ball is going to stop. There are many types of bets. We review the most common.

Even / Odd: We bet on all the even or odd numbers of the bet.

Red / Black: We bet on the heat of the mat square.

Miss / Pass: bet on the number intervals from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36.

Full bet: you bet on a single number.

Horse Bet: It is a bet on two adjacent numbers on the table. The chip is placed on the line that separates the two numbers and the value of the bet is divided in two.

Street bet: bet on three adjacent numbers, all three in the same row.

Box bet: is a bet on four adjacent numbers. The chip is placed at the intersection of the lines touching the four points.

Sextet: bet on six numbers, located in two consecutive transversal rows.

Double dozen and double column: they cover a total of 24 numbers.

The jackpot in the slots – Roulette Jackpot Work

In addition to roulette, jackpots are more common in slots. In online casinos, each roll of any user in the slots makes the jackpot that is opted for bigger. It is the prize that everyone wants to take home.

To get the jackpot in the slots you have to play a jackpot slot machine with real money . In addition, it must be taken into account that each slot has its own jackpot, and depending on the value of the spins and the number of users playing the jackpot, the prize will increase more or less quickly.


This jackpot will be yours when you get a combination of the highest value symbol on a slots payline with one spin.

Chance, luck, probability and strategy. All of this is needed to win at roulette. Do you want to win the biggest prize? Now that you know how the roulette jackpot works, it’s easier for you. There will be nerves, intrigue and fun, and you only have to choose a number. Enter  and try your luck at the best online casino in Spain .

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