Online Gambling: The Rise of Internet Slots

With the arrival of the internet in the world in 1983. An avalanche of content and changes also emerged, something that few of us could have foreseen. From this, a huge number of platforms began to appear, including online casinos. Launched in 1996, the first was Inter Casino. Which changed the history of slot machines and online casino operations. In the same year, this casino accepted the first real money bet. A milestone for what we know today as online gambling.

In 1996, Inter Casino accepted the first real money bet on its online platform.

First, only casino games were offered, very similar available at land-based casinos. However, a short time later, online slot machines were introduced. Transforming online casino platforms into real gambling entertainment centers.

Thus, slot machines have also become increasingly popular than traditional casino games in the online environment. For a while, slots remained similar to physical slot machines. Both in terms of style and the number of reels and symbols.

With the evolution of the programming industry. The era of online slots expansion has begun!

In the blink of an eye — ok, maybe not so much!. The slots now feature a super different layout, more than 5 reels, a huge variety of themes. Innovative bonus rounds, a multitude of symbols and special game features.

Currently, the number of slot machine providers grows every year. And companies really strive to offer players an incredible variety of slot machines. The market has both small and large providers; Microgaming and NetEnt are some of the prominent names, mainly for offering high quality and innovative games.

Online Gambling The Rise of Internet Slots

History of Slot Machines in Brazil and Portugal – Online Gambling

Although increasingly popular worldwide, slot machines in Brazil are still little known to most people. This is especially due to the fact that in the country. Currently, land-based casinos not allowed to operate.

In Brazil, gambling was first introduced with the arrival of the Portuguese royal family. In 1920, already as a republic and under the government of then President Epitácio Pessoa. The country allowed the construction of the first betting houses.

After a period of prohibition, the casinos were retaken in 1930 and legalized by Getúlio Vargas. At the time, one of the most famous was the Casino da Urca, in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to casino games and slot machines. The place was known for musical shows by renowned artists, such as singer Carmem Miranda.

However, in 1946, a decree signed by the president at the time, Eurico Gaspar, closed 70 establishments and banned casinos in Brazil.

Today, slot machines and other traditional games can only Bitstarz be accessed through online casinos. However, there are already bills that provide for the release of gambling in Brazil , which would include slot machines.

On the other hand, gambling is already legal in Portugal. Even recent, the regulation made by the Portuguese Gaming Regulation and Inspection Service (SRIJ) provided benefits for the country, such as increased tax collection. According to the body, 45% of casino players prefer machine games, also known as slot machines.

Slot Machine Collections and Their Collectors – Online Gambling

Once online casinos prevail and mechanical slot machines replaced by electromechanical ones. The old slot machine completely taken out of use. But where did all these slot machines go?

Some of the places old slot machines are:

  • Physical casinos, being that they are kept as antiquity;
  • Private collectors;
  • Companies that resell slot machines to collectors;
  • Workshops, where they are recovered or sold as scrap.

Interestingly, avid collectors are willing to pay a fortune for vintage slot machines, among other items, and an original Sittman & Pitt slot machine is estimated to cost thousands of dollars . Most of the time, you can find private collections on eBay or similar platforms.

Slot Machine History: to Infinity and Beyond!

It is human nature to always seek more and try to anticipate one’s own luck until, who knows, conquer the long-awaited victory. The history of slot machines shows how much our most primal instincts have not changed over the centuries; in fact, the only difference occurred in our appetites. They grew up. We hope you enjoyed this journey back in time and that you enjoy every move you make on the slot machines. Now, knowing so much more about what’s behind your favorite entertainment!

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