Still waiting for my money.

The actual casino I had no issues with, bonus rules are pretty standard. Withdrawing my money was a massive hassle. My initial deposit was via card, but as the company “has no allowance from Mastercard” I was not able to withdraw via the same method, the only available method was WireTransfer, a problem which I see a few people have had. I contacted support only to be told, sassily, “What is your problem with a simple wire transfer” – my problem is the wait time is 7-10 days which is a bit of a joke. The withdrawal help page states that there are 7 methods to withdraw, but I was told that many of those are for the other countries they operate in. To be honest, if a page shows information that is misleading like this, I should not be able to access it from a UK IP then. Eventually was told I would need to re-deposit via paypal to unlock paypal as a withdrawal method. Still waiting for my money.

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