The largest casino in the world

Las Vegas may be famous for its large number of casinos, The largest casino but another part of the world has just as many casinos. Macau is considered by many to be the Las Vegas of Asia. That is where the world’s largest casino was launched in 2007 : The Venetian.

The Venetian casino at the time

its construction was the second largest construction in the world with a total area of ​​980,000 square meters. Excluding hotels, the net space for the casino is 51,000 square meters. The name of the casino is by no means accidental as its facilities are a copy of Italian Venice. There are many canals and gondolas while you can even see copies of real Venice buildings.

There are over 750 tables in the Venetian casino. Of course everything is combined with incredible luxury. Visiting the casino is a unique experience that can be combined with an amazing vacation. If you visit the casino you can choose one of the 7 hotels it has but also dine in the 30 different restaurants that cover delicious treats from around the world. In the casino you will also find more than 350 branded shops while you can also enjoy artistic performances either in the ZAIA Theater with a capacity of 1800 seats or in the 15000-seat Cotai Strip / Arena.

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Many people choose the Venetian casino as a wedding destination. There are special benefits for the newlyweds and surely such an experience is unique.

The only reason to play in a live casino

should be to have fun. Here are some rules that if a live casino player follows then he is playing for fun. We describe them in the form of a decalogue. If you think you are losing control go back to this page and re-read the rules to make sure you follow them all and if you feel you have difficulty following them do not hesitate to seek help from a specialist.

1) The player must from the beginning of the game have set the limit on the amount he will play and never exceed it.

2) The player must from the beginning of the game also have defined the time he will play and never exceed it regardless of whether he loses or wins at that time.

3) The player must play with money that he has from his budget for fun.

4) The player should never be borrowed to play in the live casino by anyone.

5) The player must take frequent breaks during the game.

6) The player must not play to make up for what he has lost.

7) The player should not play when he feels dizzy, stressed or has problems that concern him.

8) The player should not play with the aim of making money but only to have fun.

9) The player should not have the exclusive way of having fun in. The live casino game, but also have other ways of having fun.

10) The player must seek specialized help if he ever thinks that his gambling addiction may begin.

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